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Banton declares for NBA draft > Toronto Raptors (#46, 2nd Round)


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He's an interesting talent but I didn't think he was a top end point guard. He's not quick enough for that role and he is not a particularly good perimeter shooter. I wish him well but my guess he ends up playing overseas.


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He's not going anywhere -- he wants to know from the pros what he needs to work on. This is good for him to let teams know that he thinks he is good enough, and get a free analysis from the league. Fred probably encouraged him if he mentioned it -- its going to be a cold bucket of water and good motivation to go to work if no team is interested in him.

My opinion is that he won't start for Nebraska this year -- he's behind Trey M and probably Webster. If he works on his handle and his scoring, he might be able to make a NBA team as a change-of-pace guard and fill-in-forward. He looks like he's headed to Europe to me as of now.
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I wonder how he is academically? How close to getting his degree? If he enjoys school? I would think people have told him he’s not even physically prepared for the D League.