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Banker's Thoughts on Firing

No, asking a question is fine. But, when the question is answered, and the person continues to pursue the issue just for the sake of hearing the lone marble roll around in the vast space of his empty cranial cavity, that is hassling.

You have personally attacked a poster twice in this thread. If you have/had an issue with him then take it to PMs. With that being said I am going to lock yo out of this thread as there is no need for this sort of stuff.

What are you talking about? I conduct myself with honest discourse, period. I was brought up to treat people with integrity, honesty and respect. I find it astonishing that you even ask such a question? And, I am being honest, here.

Are you insinuating that people can't have integrity, honesty, and respectful discourse over the phone? If so I and millions of others disagree. I mean I only do it everyday as part of my job.

Time to move on.


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I need to put all of this in perspective, ... I've always considered Basil as one of my smartest friends, and now I read he's too stupid to converse? Either I need to raise my standards or someone just posted a bunch of crap and has no idea who he's talking to. :cool:
I've upped my standards...now, up yours!


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