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Banker out

Red Reign

Husker Immortal
10 Year Member
Fairly surprising. we were told he wouldn't axe his buddies. Cav will feel the heat next year.
Looks like he has no problem....which is a good thing in both Reid and Banker's firings....

Looking forward to seeing who he brings in.


Red Shirt
5 Year Member
Banker and Stewart gone..... WOW!! This is about as serious as its going to get. Whoever comes in had better know there is a short leash and we had better win!


Red Shirt
5 Year Member
I have to give coach Riley due...as Rick Nelson used to say 'I don't mess around boy'.....

Good decision in my opinion.

Best of luck to Coach Banker.
We certainly have a coach that is willing to make the hard call. With Langsdorfs offense, he knows now, he had better score a bucket load of points.