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Bama coaching staff


Junior Varsity
Only makes sense.
The screw up second chancers to pro guys ,all wanting to find the love of the game once again, but not have to make all the calls, how better than being around the enthusiasm of young men on the learn, moldable and excited.
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I still think the next equalizer might need to be something along the lines of limiting how many five star composite recruits you can have in any recruiting class. This would be similar in effect to the scholarship reduction to 85.

Kids are going to Bama because they want to win games, but MAINLY because they see it as their best ticket to the NFL.

And let’s be honest, when many four star kids get Bama coming after them, the recruiting services artificially jack their ratings for those kids up to five stars because the recruiting services figure Bama knows best. By limiting a school to something like 2 five star recruits, the recruiting services will be much less likely to artificially increase a player's stars if Bama comes calling.