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B1G Trny Game 3: Michigan


Scout Team
2 Year Member
I think we will play much better, which isn't saying much. However, I think we will be done with this tournament after tonight.
I don't know. Baseball isn't like other sports. It's common to split a double-header with both games being blowouts. The errors will go away. I just don't think that they were mentally ready to play this morning. Tonight is a whole new ball game. (See what I did there?) ;)


2 Year Member
I have good news for everyone. I attended the first two blowout wins of the tourney but couldn’t this morning. I will however be back tonight, so we have a guaranteed win!


Travel Squad
5 Year Member
It doesn't mean we can't come back. One game at a time. It is not uncommon to get hammered on the field, then come back with a win. You just have to forget the last game and move on.
Of course, it is always one game at a time. However, when we have the opportunity close the door, we seem to leave it wide open for the loss. Happens often. Cannot finish.