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B1G Show Will Feature The Visit To Lincoln (Tonight On BTN 5 - 6 PM CDT)


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My take is that the BTN folks were more impressed with the Huskers than NW. (But the video of NW and Illinois showed outdoor practices while Nebraska was indoors. That will cause concern to some on this board.)


When Nebraska is their first stop on the conference tour, I don’t think the feedback would be too extreme either way no matter what they think.


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A good thing about the B1G crew is that they've been at this a bit. Seeing and hearing camp of the various teams in multiple falls allows reference for changes to be noticed, or not. Rather than listening to the broadcast for name dropping, I'm more interested to see if they detect a different tone or tenor as one might expect with the size of turnover we had in staff and players.


This is still a different format than before. Before each school got a whole hour segment.
Yeah, I was curious why they didn't promote their campus tour dates like they have in years past. I think we might see SOME teams get their own hour (Michigan, OSU). If that's what happens, I can't really complain. But if not, hopefully this will mean that the division preview shows will be more developed.
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