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B1G removes conference schedules from 2023-24 seasons


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not gonna happen, but i wish all these mega leagues would break up into 6 or 8 team conferences like they have in FCS


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I only hope they create schedules so that every team plays every other team over time before repeating a game against a team they have already played.

An exception can be made for one traditional "rivalry" game.

That will require everyone over time to play equal schedules, athough in some years it might result in a team getting into the play in game without being tested simply because they played a lot of teams which that year were down. OK. That can be lived with.

Better than having down teams playing the number 1 or 2 teams every year.

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Wonder how many times over the past 20 years a team from the West Division would have played in BIG CCG using the 2nd best team standard?
I’d think Wisconsin would have several times. Iowa maybe 2-3. Other than that, not many that I recall. Northwestern in the early 2000’s? I never paid much attention to this plodding conference before the Huskers came aboard.


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If I'm a B1G Coach, I love this move. One less thing to hold me accountable on; no complaints about not winning my division. The measure of success and "progress" can get even muddier for me when I fail to deliver.


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I am not sure possibly seeing Nebraska at/near the bottom end of a 14 team list is better than at the bottom of a 7 team division. :(

Just need to get better so that doesn’t happen.
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N future football schedules

and beyond ......
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If the Big Ten does go to a 3-5-5 schedule, which three teams would you like to see be locked in ?

I prefer Rutgers, Hoosiers and Illini :wink:

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