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B1G Raking in the Cash...More than any other conference

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OWH article link...
The Big Ten is rich. Really rich.

According to a Wednesday report from USA Today, the league had nearly $759 million in revenue for the 2018 fiscal year. That's the first year of the Big Ten's new TV deal kicking in, and that figure dwarfs the Big Ten's revenue from fiscal year 2017, which was $512.9 million.

No conference, according to the report, has ever made more. Not the SEC, which made $660 million in revenue for fiscal year 2018. Not the Big 12, which made $374 million for its 10-team league. (Texas has its own sweet side deals that helped break up the league, as you may recall.)

Nebraska, along with 11 other Big Ten schools with a full share, got north of $50 million in its Big Ten payout.


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It wasn't to many years ago there were a lot of stories how the Big 10 was a failing conference. I wonder how that worked out... :Lol:

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Is this the time to say Perlman wasn't so bad after all? We would not be in the BIG without his push years ago.
He certainly deserves credit for that. He and regents deserve blame for letting SP fire FS. However, how much input all those people had into that decision we may never know. It's certainly in the AD's job description to hire/fire coaches. Not sure SP would have needed any permission from his higher ups to ruin the NU FB program.


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Time to get out my UT/OU soapbox again.

There's a $100M ocean between the B1G and the SEC. And it's only going to make teams like Northwestern absolute murderers against the likes of Vandy, Arkansas or South Carolina.

Time to put the nail in the coffin and grab UT/OU. Give it 10 years and the SEC is going to be an afterthought. They're all riding Saban's coattails and once he's gone the turd will finally sink.