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B1G - November 9th

Hooked on Huskers

I'm old as a rock
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Central Time

11:00: Maryland at Ohio St (-43) .... FOX
11:00: Penn St (-7) at Minnesota .... ABC
11:00: Purdue at Northwestern (-2) .... BTN

2:30: Illinois at Michigan St (-14.5) .... FS1

3:00: Iowa at Wisconsin (-9.5) .... FOX

Midnight: SE Community College at Huskers (even) ..... Comedy Channel ;)

Indiana, Michigan and Rutgers .......... bye week
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Looks like some separation games, I don't know why but I think Penn State takes Minny to the woodshed.


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I'm curious to see the MN/PSU game. Expect PSU to win but want to see if MN can hang with a team like PSU. November always brings these separation games and makes the regular season like no other sport.