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B1G 2018 All conference/Div 1 All Americans & their Recruiting Star ranking


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Interesting figure to me is that Baseball is higher than the other sports.

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Well you have to ask what the definition of "Major pro" is. Is that MLB only or is minor league AAA also considered major pro. Also the fact that baseball and hockey are the only teams with legit minor leagues improves your chances. Mainly because teams can legitimately groom guys for the pros. NFL you make a team or you do not. There is no getting sent down to the minors t work on your game.

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I thought it would be interesting to see what the 247 Composite Recruiting rankings were for all the B1G Conference picks so compiled this:
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66 All B1G:

WALK ONS: 2 ...... ~10% were Walk On and/or 2 Stars
2 STARS: 5
3 STARS: 32 ..........~48% were 3 STARS
4 STARS: 21 ......... ~32% were 4 STARS
5 STARS: 6 ..........~9% were 5 STARS
~41% were 4-5 Stars

This doesn't take into consideration the total number 3,4, 5 star recruits that were signed and didn't make it to the All Conference selection, [or dropped out or transferred, etc]. It does show the percentage of players that made it as compared to their 247 Composite recruiting ranking.

B1G teams with the most All Conference picks and their 247 ranking:

WISKY: Offense: 5 - 3 Stars
........ Defense: 1 - 3 Star and 2 - 2 stars

OSU: Offense: 5 - 4 Stars
....... Defense: 1 - 5 Star, 1 - 4 Star

Mich: Offense: One - 5 Star, four - 4 Stars, two - 3 Star
....... Defense: One - 5 Star, One - 4 Stars, Three - 3 stars

PSU: Offense: One - 5 Star, One - 4 Star, One - 3 Star
....... Defense: One - 4 Star, One - 3 Star

Iowa: Offense: Three - 3 Stars, One - 2 Star
...... Defense: One - 5 Star, Two - 3 Stars

MSU: Offense: Zero
...... Defense : Three - 4 Stars, One - 3 Star, One Walk on

Almost all the players shown in this site were selected all conference:

What I haven't done yet is compared the total number of 3, 4, and 5 star recruits for each Team to see what percentage of them made B1G all Conference.

That would be next using this site:
Really nice analysis. Thanks for all the hard work that went into this
Interesting figure to me is that Baseball is higher than the other sports.

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Besides how they count the minor league players, I'm also curious what percentage of college baseball players were drafted out of high school? Hockey, again, is somewhat similar in that you're talking about very large minor league systems and relatively large rosters as compared to basketball, and in both hockey and baseball, a lot of the young, borderline high school prospects are able to go to college on scholarship and use that experience as a developmental league. Hockey will switch the order around, having some kids play semi-pro leagues out of high school as amateurs and THEN going D1 in the hopes of making the big leagues, but it's the same principle.