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AVCA Rankings--October 1, 2018


Inactive as of 11-01-2018
Rank School (First-Place Votes) Total Points Adjusted 2018 Record Previous Week
1 BYU (60) 1596 15-0 1
2 Stanford (4) 1540 12-1 2
3 Nebraska 1464 13-1 3
4 Texas 1382 8-3 4
5 Minnesota 1362 10-2 6
6 Wisconsin 1245 10-2 5
7 Illinois 1206 14-1 7
8 Pittsburgh 1157 15-0 8
9 Penn State 1072 11-3 9
10 Creighton 983 12-4 10
11 Florida 959 13-3 11
12 Southern California 875 11-4 T-13
13 Cal Poly 842 15-1 15
14 Purdue 711 13-2 16
15 Washington 659 11-3 T-13
16 Michigan 616 13-2 17
17 UCLA 562 7-4 18
18 Kentucky 533 9-4 19
19 Marquette 420 12-4 20
20 Oregon 409 9-5 12
21 Arizona 327 14-2 24
22 Washington State 312 11-3 22
23 Baylor 283 10-5 21
24 Utah 107 9-6 25
25 Louisville 63 11-4 NR
Others receiving votes and listed on two or more ballots: Colorado 39; San Diego 13; South Carolina 11; Arizona State 10; Texas Tech 8; St. Mary's (CA) 7; Northern Iowa 6; Tennessee 6; Cincinnati 3

Five teams mentioned on only one ballot for a total of 12 combined points.

Dropped Out: Colorado 23

Nebraska stayed at No. 3 in the rankings which surprised………nobody. And even though there were a couple of teams in the top ten with losses, they were to higher or similarly ranked top ten opponents, so there was little movement. BYU won 3 matches in its crappy conference this week, while Stanford beat their SoCal foes USC & UCLA at Palo Alto in straight sets. Texas held serve in the Big 12 beating Baylor at home and West Virginia in Morgantown and remained at 4, but somehow GAINED points on the Huskers (what?). Wisconsin and Minnesota traded spots after the Rodentia curb stomped Whiskey in straights. The Illini stayed at 7 even with the loss to Nebraska. Pittsburg remained undefeated but the two victories were over Miami and Florida State. Solid, but not particularly impressive. Penn State righted itself from the B1G 1st weekend tailspin by winning at the Michigan Schools, sweeping both matches in straight sets. And Creighton remained at 10, winning both matches, but being pushed to 5 sets by The Butler.

11 through 25 saw movement, and will continue to see movement week to week unless the PAC-12 sorts itself out. Florida seems solid at 11 and will probably stay that way until the Kentucky (ranked 18) matches come up in the schedule. Auburn, Alabama, and Tennessee are improved, but unlikely to challenge the Gators or Wildcats THIS year. Currently Florida and Kentucky are the only ranked SEC schools. Purdue and Michigan went 1-1 last week in the B1G and are 2-2 overall in conference, but are moving up in the polls. Purdue currently sets at 14 up 2 slots, while Michigan is at 16, up 1 from last week. The B1G still has 5 of the 10 teams in the rankings and 7 in the top 16. No other B1G teams are receiving votes.

The quagmire that is the PAC-12, teams 2 through 11, continued their confounding, sometimes dumbfounding ways this past week. Last week the conference had 8 teams ranked 11-25, this week Colorado dropped out after losing to both Washington schools on the road. The Arizona schools went up North to make the dreaded Eugene – Corvallis tour and both Arizona and ASU came away with 2 wins over their Oregon counterparts. In fact, of all teams, the Sun Devils didn’t lose a set all weekend. The Beavers didn’t win a set. At least the Arizona – Oregon match went the 5 set distance. Thus Oregon, who I thought had established itself as the clear number 2 in the conference, tumbles from 12th to 20th in the country. Utah was headed out of the top 25 after losing to the Cougars in 5, but somehow salvaged a win at Washington, taking the match 3 sets to 1. So this week you have 7 teams from the PAC-12 in the 11 – 25 group with Colorado and Arizona State receiving votes. Oregon State is no longer in the RV category. With the exception of Stanford at one end, and Cal at the opposite, I don’t see this conference stratifying with any degree of distinction. And while it will hurt them from getting top seeds, i.e. in the top 16, it probably means they’ll have 8, 9, or 10 teams in the NCAA Tourney.

Congratulations to Dani Busboom and the Louisville The Bird Cardinal for entering the AVCA rankings at 25.

And a B1G SHOUT OUT to the beast that IS Lauren Stivrins for being named B1G co-player of the week. Here is the link from the B1G conference site:


And while we're giving out SHOUT OUTS, one more should go to Mikaela Foecke for being selected as one of the 30 finalist for the NCAA Senior CLASS awards for volleyball. This from volleymob (note Melissa Foecke is in the picture):


from Husker.com:


Next for the Fightin’ Schwarzenbachs is Iowa on Wednesday and on BTN proper. The Hawkeyes are 2-2 in conference and 10-5 overall. They did beat Northwestern on Sunday in 5 sets. In non-conference they lost to SMU (huh?), Washington, and Colorado. They had 2 decent victories in non-conference by beating Iowa State and Syracuse. Syracuse is currently tied atop the ACC with Pitt and Louisville. I can see how sloppy play may result in the Hawkeyes stealing a set, but hopefully the ladies will be dialed in and roll them in straights.
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