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Avante Dickerson.Decommits From MN;


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......today for....Minnesota....by Steve Wiltfong, a "heavy-weight" for 247 (though he has been wrong on more than one occasion)......HMMMMMMMMMMM. (Sorry if there is already a thread for Avante, I didn't see one though)


Will this commit hold up? Do we (or anyone else for that matter) have a decent chance to flip him?
Well that's a bummer. Not really sure I blame the kid for going to Minnesota over Nebraska though. Nebraska was a dumpster fire last year and Minnesota had an all time great season.

Gut punch losing out to another B1G team and MN to boot....did not see this one coming...

Losing two top recruits out of Omaha the in the last two classes to Notre Dame and now MN....not a good look at all.....

This is going to amp up the pressure on this staff in-state which will get even more so if we struggle if and when the 2020 season is played....

Our stacked defensive backfield may have something to do with this decision. Not trying to sugarcoat this but if we have a position we could miss on, it’s probably DB


I thought it would be ND but mn?
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I knew it was an uphill battle for him, but have to admit I didn’t see Minnesota stealing him.

That’s disappointing and a really bad loss.

I know people are going to say sour grapes, but I watched him play two games on TV, against Creighton Prep and in the State Championship game. He just never really stood out to me. Re-watch the State Championship game and I just didn't see him in the frame very often. I know he runs a legit 4.3 or better, so he is real fast, but being extremely fast doesn't always make you a great football player. I wish him well and it's still a long way to National signing day and as we all know, committeed doesn't always mean committed. I agree with *** in that I thought he wasn't coming either, but I thought it would be a bigger name program.

I'll go on the record and say Bollers and Fidone would be much bigger losses in my mind.