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ASU- Texas, Game #3


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I guess when you are in Texas playing a major playoff game, you have to beat the Zebras and the Whorns.

Holy smokes what a bunch of horsecrap calls in this series, nearly all of which favored Tejas. That so-called interference call in the top of the third inning was absolute crap. The announceers certainly couldn't understand it either. The umps took away a first and third, one out situation for ASU, and gave them a runner on first, two down. That call was a momentum killer. AAaaarrrrgghh :banghead:

EDIT - then the same home plate ump called a balk on ASU pitcher Mitchell Lamson in the 5th - gave Tx a run! Claimed he didn't stop in his windup - in the stretch. Again the announcers were dumfounded - as am I. Unbelievable.
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Texas now leads 4-2 in the bottom of the 6th. And the man who scored was picked off 1st, but a throwing error allowed him to advance to 3rd. ASU should have been out of the inning.


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Tx wins 4-2. The bad calls didn't decide the game, but one of them sure killed ASU's momentum.

Credit to Tx. As usual, they have a deep pitching staff and are pretty well-coached.

ASU goes home - and are suspended from next year's tourney because of actions of their last idiot coach.


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I thought perhaps the Big 12 Football officials were moonlighting as baseball umps. There is no way to know how the game would have turned out but the interference call and, especially, the balk were horrendous judgement calls that should never have been made in a deciding game in a Super Regional. IF an ump feels he really needs to make those calls, call that crap early in the season so the players udnerstand what is allowed and isn't allowed for the remainder of the season. Absolutely terrible.