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Arkansas State Practice (8/24/17) 6 walk-on's get scholarships/Post Practice Video & Photos

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Coach Riley and several players available after practice today

Congratulations to one and all. Conrad is the only junior in the bunch; the rest are all seniors.

BTW, our scholarship WR depth just got a little bigger for year...just for the year, which means we still need to fill that room out with new WR recruits.

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Eric Lee said he's been very impressed by redshirt freshman JD Spielman, who's probably given him the most difficulty from that position.

— Another receiver who drew praise from Lee was Tyjon Lindsey. The freshman is known for his quickness, but what Lee likes is how smooth the receiver's overall game is at this stage. Lee said Lindsey has a veteran's understanding and does a good job of disguising when he's going to turn it loose with the acceleration. The cornerback said it makes it harder to anticipate what Lindsey might be doing.

— Tight end Matt Snyder missed a few days of fall camp after landing awkwardly on his knee. The tight end said he knew it wasn't anything major, as he was able to finish practice that day, but the training staff felt it best to keep him out and let it heal with rest.
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