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Anyone thinking of going to the Illinois game? SINGLE GAME TICKETS NOW ON SALE


Nobody important
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I went last time with a friend who has family in the area. Tailgating was awesome, had a great time, wish the game wasn't so close though.


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Heard Champaign is a dump from ASU fans? Never been. They lost that game so maybe that filtered their impression.


Mayor of Shinola
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My son & I are making the shortish drive from notre dame. The single game tickets haven't gone on sale yet & I emailed the Illinois ticket office & they currently don't have any idea when they will go on sale. Will be nice to be back in a stadium.
Thanks for starting this thread ... please update when tickets become available. Very hopeful to make the trip as I have been to a couple games at West Lafayette already.

Need to root our Huskers on to season Win #1. GBR!!


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Champaign isn't a dump, it's definitely on-par with the Quad Cities... maybe a nearly-as-nice as Des Moines? I saw Michigan beat the Illini there once, it was nicer than Dyche Stadium in Evanston with more fans.

Remember, without UIUC's NCSA Mosaic we wouldn't be having this conversation in web browsers... we might still be using Gopher instead. :(
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