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Anyone know where MizzouRah is?

Sorry to hear 'Rah. Glad to have you back. The board is better with ya!
Pal, I thought for sure that you were at the bottom of the Missouri River wearing cement shoes compliments of the bettors that followed your picks lol
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Given what has been taking place in MizzouRah’s life…

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Hey everyone.... Sorry to be away from the board (and apparently for costing people a few bucks!).

I'm healthy and doing pretty well.

My Dad was in failing health in the fall and I was driving back and forth six hours to the farm pretty frequently to try to help out. I just didn't have the time or energy to worry about posting football picks. He passed two days after Thanksgiving, I said my goodbye's the day (I was going to return to the farm in a week but I figured the end was near) after Thanksgiving and went to the MU/Arkansas game that day. The Tigers winning that one probably meant next to nothing to most people but I was crying and kind of lost it when we won as I felt it was for Dad (he was a varsity tennis player at Mizzou).

I would not suspect anyone would be interested in the service but it is publicly available (The service starts 13 minutes in) and I think it was a great honor to him. My Dad was a great educator and tennis coach who made a lot of people find their self-confidence. We will be awarding scholarships in his honor to help the youth of our small town try to get ahead.

I have no idea if I will do the picks for the upcoming season or not but I hope to do a better job of participating here.

I know there is renewed optimism on this board and I'll try to pitch in with some opinions to either feed the excitement or be a wet blanket on occasion!

Sorry for your loss. I always enjoy your posts.God bless your family and may your father rest in peace.


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