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Anyone interested on my investigative results with tracking flights?


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At some point he is going to consult Mark May.

May: "Nebraska... will never... be back. It just won't. Stop dreaming."

Holtz: "Nebrathka will abtholutely be back. They just need the wight guy to coach. And that guy... ith... ME"


Turd Ferguson

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NO LEIPOLD OR KLIEMAN! Doubtful on Wittinghamhock. I have Nville all figured out. CC's HC CHADWELL, GREW UP IN TN. HE IS A DIEHARD "ALL THINGS TN" FAN! ADTA AND HCC could have met in NVILLE. (I haven't used "all caps" like forever, so I had to make this post 1/2 + 1/2 LOL!)
Wittinghamhock is so stupid and made me laugh way too hard


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Fisher is an awful coach and would be more shocking of a hire than Mike Riley was. Maybe it was Clark Lea who had roots at ND before Vandy. Or, depending on when he was in Nashville, maybe it was Dave Clawson since I think Wake just played Vandy there a few weeks ago.
He was coming to have burgers with me in Nashville...we hung out, I told him I'm a UK fan too, so leave Stoops alone, then we toured the Grand Ole Opry


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I'm guessing that coaches like LL and MC for sure have told their agents their long term plans for coaching. If that involves wanting to move on, then there is going to be a list of schools that are acceptable, not acceptable, and some "willing to consider" schools. There will be numbers/parameters as well for salary, years, assistant pool, recruiting budget, facilities, etc...

The agent will field calls, compare what's offered to what he knows his client wants, some back and forth between the agent and school and then some calls between agent and client. "Hey Nebraska is interested in you, $12M/year, 7 year contract auto 1 year extension starting in year 3. $15M assistant pool, private jet to recruit at your disposal. Facilities just upgraded. Bonuses for winning, $2M conf. championship, $4M NC....likely some room to move on this but this is the basics. Interested?"

Then details on meetings times/places are worked out.


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Clark Lea could be the mystery coach no one is talking about. Pretty solid recruiting efforts at Vandy. Young guy, but DC for Notre Dame before becoming head coach at Vandy
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