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Anthony Steels


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Former Husker Anthony Steels has been battling prostate cancer and it has progressed to the point where he can no longer work. Anthony has been associated with the Husker Salute in the past and I have had the opportunity to meet and interact with him at these events. He is a class act. Now, he and his family need our support.

Here is the link to his GoFundMe page. Let's show him what being a Husker in need means to Husker Fans.

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Some of our more seasoned fans will remember that he sang the national anthem before the game on Senior Day in 1981 -- and caught a touchdown pass as well.

I was in the stands at this game. The fans generally sang along loudly and proudly during the national anthem, except that the frat section would always make fireworks sound during the "rockets red glare" line. Tony was known as being a talented nightclub singer. When they brought Tony on the field to sing the national anthem, I decided to shut up and listen. So did every single fan in the stands. Except for Tony's voice, it was dead silent in Memorial Stadium during the entire time he sang. When he finished, the crowd erupted in wild applause, and Tony ran off the field with tears in his eyes. I will never forget it.
Over $2,000 has been added since this thread was posted. Good job Husker fans. I see that some former players are also stepping up to the plate like Tom Heiser and Johnny Pitts.

Let's keep it up. :Banana:
Sorry to hear this. Hope he is recovering and I will definitely support. He has played for us a couple of times in the past year. He's a great musician and super nice guy.
Got this note about Anthony dated yesterday. Let's keep Anthony in our thoughts and prayers.

Anthony Steels in the emergency room tonight for issues related to his cancer.He is in an extreme amount of pain and is currently undergoing a MRI. He will be staying in the hospital this evening, and may stay longer depending on test results.

Please send prayers his way.


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