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Anthony Grant has star potential


2 Year Member
Yep. We'll need a solid run game too once the weather turns cold and windy. Wish we'd test the edges more - those plays seem to work better than trying to punch through the middle of the line. Granted that was working today, but only after 3 quarters. The Fighting Hawks finally wore down.


Rebel Scum
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Look at the rest of this offense. You don’t think he has stood out among everyone else? I didn’t say he’d be an All American but he could and likely should be our primary weapon.
I'm saying let's put away the "he has absolute star potential" rhetoric until he has a good game against an actual defense. Make no mistake, the 2 defenses we have played so far are absolute trash.


Scout Team
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Anthony Grant hasn't had to play against a decent defense yet... Let's slow down a little bit.
I agree. He at least falls forward but he does not force a lot of arm tackles and moves laterally too much in tight spaces.
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