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Andy Janovich, ESPN piece


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Actually, he probably is quite thankful for Mike Riley.

Jano saw three total carries (all as a freshman) and no touchdowns in three years under Bo. That happened while listed as a running back at the start of his Husker career. Once converted to a fullback for his sophomore and junior seasons, his stats dwindled -- no carries, 1 reception. Only appeared in three total games in 2013 and 2014.

However, his senior year in 2015 coincided with Riley's arrival. That resulted in 42 carries and 3 scores (tack on 58 yards receiving as well).

There's a reasonable chance Janovich would not be playing in the NFL had Riley not given him a chance to show his value to the team. As much as we might not care for Mike Riley, he was an absolute blessing for Andy Janovich.
Damn you for making me agree that Mike Riley did something right.