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Andy Hoffman has passed away

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He is an inspiration to those of us still living. Id like to hope I would be as strong as him over the last decade... the resilience, the fight, the perseverance. Wishing peace and comfort to his family and friends


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So tragic. I have faith that he is in a better place and God has big plans for him. But it's hard to understand on this earth why some of the good ones are taken before their time. God bless those that are left behind and hurting right now. Peace be with you.


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This is devastating. My heart goes out to the Hoffmans.

Anyone know if there is a GoFundMe page for Andy? It’s the most tangible way I can think of to support the family.

May I suggest a donation to Team Jack in honor of Andy? It was Andy's purpose in life. Can't think of anything more appropriate. Plus, you get to fund research that will eventually cure this turd of a disease.


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A true representation of the state of Nebraska. Husker fans from all over the world loved your family. The Phoenix rises from the ashes.
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Here is the link to Andy's obituary. Really going to miss Andy. We had a lot of long phone calls and he did some of his original t-shirt sales at our tailgate in the old Gold's lot. Last time I saw him in person was in 2013 on the Through These Gates tour. Rest in Peace Andy. You made a long term positive gain in the fight against pediatric brain cancer.

Here's the link to the Memorial Donation Page.