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And the ESPY for Whiner of the Year goes to....

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The picture in the tweet of the OP is cropped. The LSU player was giving the horns down to another LSU player directly in front of him. He was not "horns downing" toward any texas players or texas fans.

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I understand attending a place of higher education means you have gone through grade school and high school. However, shouldn't Chris Del Conte and Tom Herman have realized by now that the bigger deal you make of hookers down symbol, the more people are going to do it. The more they make a fuss about it, the more years it's going to take for people to stop. For now, transfer Chris Del Conte and Tom Herman back to Third Grade and recall their high school and college diplomas.


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Oklahoma did the Horns Down gesture in 2018. So did West Virginia. And every time crybaby Herman crabbed to the NCAA about it. He went so far as to claim WVU's game-winning touchdown should have been negated because their players threw up the inverted horns at the UT student section.