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Locked due to no posts in 60 days. Report 1st post if need unlocked An Oregon fan's take on the Huskers

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Red Dead Redemption

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Personal note

It was my privilege to watch both Michigan St's Mike Sadler and Nebraska's Sam Foltz in the course of this series. Although I don't evaluate the punting game, it was clear to me how much they meant to their schools and their fans. I know they're rooting for their teammates from someplace where it's always fourth down, and the hangtime is eternal.


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This was pretty good. Thanks for sharing. Dude nails it and the comments were fun to read also. Will need to check this guy out more often

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No idea who you're talking about. If I went on reddit, I'd never be able to hold down a job.
Haha! Same here. It's why I had to close my bodybuilding.com account. The Misc section, which is a lot like Reddit, was taking all my focus. I remember lala from the old ESPN Big12 and Big 10 blogs. You two have very similar posting styles. He's a funny dude.


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That was an enjoyable read. This guy pretty much nails it. His insights were accurate and valuable.
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He didn't write this for us. He wrote it for Oregon fans. Yep, he's not wrong on much of what took place LAST YEAR. What that has to do with this year remains to be seen.
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