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Amy Williams' on Sports Nightly (12/2/20)

Red Don

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Not a lot of specifics, but good on generalities. Here's my take-away from the interview:

Disadvantage for a team with a lot roster turnover and new players being unable to practice due to COVID.

First couple of opponents have advantage of playing a couple of game while this will be our first game

Can rotate PG among several different players: Haiby, Helms, & Scoggin mentioned.

Izzy Bourne - stepping up, we’ll have experience in the front court

Trinity Brady - defensively solid, showing a lot more confidence


Annika Stewart - best 3 point threat, and versatile in front court.

Bella Cravens – fits in well, lot of potential, has a nose for ball

Ruby Porter - shows ability to score in bunches; a little inconsistent, typical of newcomers

Ashley Scoggin - a hard worker, real Gym Rat

MiCole Cayton – not 100% cleared yet to play yet due to (prior) injury

Nailah Dillard – equally good on defense & offense, but nursing injury. May not play this season

Per Matt Coatney - almost all wbb games will be on cable or video-streamed. BTN+ will carry his audio commentary (at least for the first game)