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Amy Williams' on Coaches Show

Red Don

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Here are some excepts I found elsewhere :Redface: regarding Coach Amy Williams appearance on a coaches show that may be of some interest.

"With the advent of losing Taylor Kissinger whom we all really liked, what options do you have at the 3 position this year". Amy said that Trinity Brady and Ruby Porter have been playing some there but they also have been playing Izzy Bourne there as well. She can handle the ball, play defense and rebound. Amy said she has also been working hard at extending her range from the outside.
On her show coach Williams alluded to the fact that the fans haven't really seen the real Trinity Brady and she has been doing well in practice. Scoggins has had several knee surgeries in the past but unlike Brady and Cayton, played played for a full season last year and did well. She is an excellent shooter and knows the point guard position picking up numerous JC honors on a team that won their region.
per a fan: Dilliard, Porter, and Cravens will have to match expectations for the huskers to contend for a spot in the middle of the pack. Scoggins played very well last season, but will be up against some pretty good guard play in this conference.
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