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AM's future

Many quarterbacks are in the same predicament.
True, AM isn't the only one. But, the better QBs on the more effective offenses minimize the negative plays. It would sure help AM if we could establish the running game a little better vs formidable defenses. In his defense, the offense rides almost completely on him and every error he makes is magnified. Still, 2 turnovers is a lot to overcome in a big game vs top teams....


What concerns me is comments made by the staff that Luke was the future. I’m not sure what that says about Smothers. Either we can’t judge talent, it was not necessarily true, or Smothers at least at that time wasn’t very good. I’ve seen several posters saying they are very high on him but I really haven’t seen enough to ease my concerns if AM doesn’t come back next year.
Coaches are always going to sprinkle some fairy dust on appraisals of their player's future. In Luke's case, he had not fully developed, but many qualities provided hope of an answer. That hope held that improvement in throwing was to come. It did not. Luke's lack of arm strength literally resulted in his over-throwing every pass. Muscling throws saw flat passes, or bullets in the ground at receiver's feet which told me he squeezed the life out of the ball trying to gain power.
But everything else said "he's the guy". Running, reading, leadership. Nothing was gonna help passing ability save a complete move to a triple option where the other runners whom cant throw go,


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I was just going to make a post about this (bolded above) but decided to piggyback on your post. Per bolded, IMO, if AM stays ( I hope he does but won't be disappointed if he leaves, he has done more than enough for Nebraska), Smothers hits the portal, unless he has himself a really sweet NIL deal. And I for one really like Smothers potential. So we could basically have AM back for another year when the schedule is a bit kinder, and, coupled with all the other returning starters next year, could be a special season. But we would then have a brand new QB in 2023 and probably no Smothers but a very inexperienced Haarberg or Masker/new QB recruit, whoever.

Again, I would like to see AM back, Smothers stay (both with great NIL deals) and see what unfolds.
If AM stays Smothers may or may not go ... Haarberg can easily slide into the #2 with an incoming freshmen as the #3. We will be fine. if 2AM leaves I suspect Smothers stays and he and HH battle for the starting nod!


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If AM stays Smothers may or may not go ... Haarberg can easily slide into the #2 with an incoming freshmen as the #3. We will be fine. if 2AM leaves I suspect Smothers stays and he and HH battle for the starting nod!
Exactly what I was meaning to say, albeit in a more, long winded way. IMO: AM stays, Smothers leaves. AM leaves, Smothers stays.
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Still a lot of games to be played. I doubt all of the decisons have yet been made, and how things go from here forward will make a difference. For example, he has yet to get through a season without an injury.

Lord, I think you would have had your fill of one school after four years.
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You have to be dreaming. AM has horrible mechanics and low football iq. Not to mention he is a turnover machine. He won’t ever get drafted
Everything that’s out there on him says he doesn’t translate well to the NFL. If he was as great as some on here make him they would have him leaving after this season. Most NFL quarterbacks lea After three seasons. His arm strength and accuracy are huge issues. Other coaches fear his legs but he’s no Lamar Jackson. He’s not one of the 23 quarterbacks ranked for the draft. It’s not just our mean fans that think he can’t throw.


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2AM is the best wildcat quarterback in the country. Elusive, can follow a RB into the hole… but should not be relied on to lead a game winning drive or 2 minute passing drive. Maybe an NFL team will take a chance on him as a wildcat QB.


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AM will pass the NFL team interviews with flying colors, as he will the passing drills with NO pass rush.

Come game time though.

Game over on AM.


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hate to say it, but IF he elects to play a 5th season, might be best for all parties involved to part ways... a change of scenery could be just what everyone needs. Patience is wearing thin with this fan base.