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AM's future

Sofa King

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Just curious to sample what the board thinks here...

It seems widely assumed that this is AM's final year at Nebraska.
Is it further assumed that he's going to transfer to another school in order to elevate his draft stock?
If not, and since he's far from an NFL prospect at this point, is he just simply tired of college and football?

Of course, he sort of is what he is at this point but with a competent O-line, he might actually improve.
And our offense in 2022 is likely better with him than with Smothers or Haarberg.

So does a strong finish and a bowl game inspire AM to stick around for year 5?

The Big Red Lebowski

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I cannot see where Martinez would forego an extra year. He knows what he has here, am also basing that on that he is not ready for the NFL his overall character. NIL also helps.

Without NIL, he'd be gone for sure. But in a scenario where the team finishes strong and gets to 6 wins and AM is at or near the top of most of the Big Ten QB statistical categories, he'd enter 2022 as a Heisman contender. That could translate into some serious NIL money.


Some NFL team could absolutely talk themselves into him as a developmental flier. With the emphasis on player safety and protecting QBs the NFL has began moving to towards more mobile QBs - guys like Jalen Hurts and Lamar Jackson have been able to stay healthy, where (save for a few outliers) guys in the past would get crushed by and LB and be hurt. But even with that, AM would likely be a free agent signing with upside.

I do truly feel that AM can improve his draft stock, but he needs to show more throwing the ball. I believe that the key to that is keeping him comfortable, keeping a clean pocket. A comfy AM makes good throws. A scared AM misses open receivers and has tunnel vision. If our O-Line improves and keeps him clean down the stretch, I believe we see him back. If he keeps getting blasted, who knows.


One batch Two batch
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I loath that we’re apparently ready to dismiss another kid who’s played his backside off for NU so quickly.
Who’s dismissing him? It’s a question because people on multiple forums have brought it up. As far as talking about his performance or criticism of his performance that’s normal. I don’t know what he wants to do nor do I think most of us do.


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Him saying earlier he is going to treat this as if it's his last year doesn't necessarily mean he want's it to be or that it will be. I would have approached it the same way, simply as a form of mental discipline.

I'd say if the decision is only about football, and if he thinks the line will actually be better next year, he'll be itching to come back.
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Travel Squad
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If things continue as they are I’d transfer. I hope he doesn’t but I wouldn’t blame him to try someplace where he could be appreciated and possibly get a real line and running game.