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Ambient Music Anyone?


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My go to ambient music is saxophone driven smooth Jazz. Anything Boney James. I prefer the saxophone (alto, tenor, soprano) over synthesizers. For reasons that escape my understanding, when I listen to synthesizer/electronic driven music/melodies I get sleepy. If the music is driven by a saxophone I get extremely relaxed but my mind stays alert. On long road trips with kids pushing buttons, I'll put on the Boney James - Ride cd and my wife just looks at me and smiles as we know the kids will be silent in minutes. It is really crazy how that seems to work for us.

Having said that I did enjoy listening to the artists shared by you and others on this OP. I think I would enjoy this music more when working outside in the garage and not sedentary.
Art Pepper, Miles Davis, Coltrane, Frank Morgan.

Jazz is my ‘chill out’ background music.

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If "chill out" background Jazz is your thing, try anything on the ECM label from the 70's and 80's. I would link some YouTube videos but they seem to be pretty scarce. If you have a streaming music service you can get them there. I would particularly recommend Terje Rypdal. His albums, After the Rain, Waves, and Descendre are all great. Also Jan Garbarek and Keith Jarrett have some classic stuff on ECM. The ECM label was known for quiet, European based small group jazz.