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Alternate DNS Service?


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Anyone have experience with using alternate DNS services? Our IT department suggested we consider using OpenDNS to improve home security and internet performance.

Our ISP has been glitchy the past few days and I'm considering giving this a try.


Husker Geek
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Shouldn't hurt anything. People use alternate DNS for a lot of things like reliability, security, and safety. I'd read reviews on the perspective service you are choosing (the name OpenDNS already makes me think it's probably okay). I have used a DNS that doesn't allow adult sites /themes and one that uses a well published blacklist of inappropriate sites.

FWIW, Comcast and other ISP's use DNS data to track what you are doing on the web. In some cases, Comcast will replace DNS results with answers from companies that have paid them to be used instead. That's really not okay as far as I am concerned - you don't know that you are being redirected or why. Google is the best known external DNS at

Good luck.
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