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Allison Weidner Rehabbing

Red Don

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Good Article in LJS (Amie Just) on Allison Weidner's Rehab.
(Sorry but it looks like it is behind a paywall and you may not be able to access it :()

Synopsis: Tore Meniscus in two places in addition to the ACL injury. About 70% recovered; but doesn't know when she'll be 100%. She will join the team on the upcoming trip to Greece; but won't be cleared to play. She is looking forward to the WBB Season this year, so expects to play.

Meanwhile Allison has been able to add a valuable contributrom the Bench:
“She really bought into the fact that people listen to her and her voice carries across our team,” Jaz Shelley told the Journal Star. “She was really good at being able to communicate with people on the floor and see things that maybe we’re not seeing.

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