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Interesting. When I initially drew it up as three deep, I had Helu as the #3 back before switching him out for Ozigbo, who I liked better. Helu was the fastest out of the bunch, and had a monster game against Mizzou in 2010. But I never liked him much as an every down back. Maybe I just remember the anemic 2009 offense too much and how stagnant the run game was.

I disagree with Helu over Abdullah though. Ameer has the yards on him and he really carried the 2014 team on his back in a lot of games. Aside from the 2010 Mizzou game, I can't remember Helu ever doing that.
2009 Okie we do not win without Helu. He was 1/3 of the total offense. Next best running back went 6/11 roy was 20/138 and added another 15 receiving. Also Roy over his career averaged 6.7 yds. Ameer only 6. Ameer best season average was his senior year with 6.6ypc. Roy had 2 seasons better than that. Plus you may want to dismiss that 2010 Mizzou game but he broke a record I am not sure any of us thought would ever be broken. He not only beat it he shattered it.