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Alford out at UCLA


15 Year Member
Let's hurry up and fire Miles so that we can sign Alford. :D
Absolutely would not want Alford as the Husker coach. From what I've been told by people with direct interaction with him during his tenure at Iowa, he treated the 'locals' like crap and expected his royal subjects to be treat him as the King of Iowa City.


Tom Osborne
15 Year Member
Ha! Sold his soul to Lavar Ball and got burned.
Yeah...I'm sure he was thinking "Man, this dude is a piece of freaking work. This could really be great...or suck REALLY bad." Dealing with a parent like that one should expect the latter of those two outcomes.

Ball...that guy sucks as a human. Ruined 2 of 3 of his kids' careers and will probably eventually be disowned by the other.