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Alabama and Ohio State looked GOOD


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For all I've read about a horizontal passing game not working, when the QB hits the receiver in stride, the others actually block, and you have fast athletes, it works.

I thought that, too! Alabama ran a bunch of screens very successfully.

If we had some WRs who could pancake a few LBs, we'd break more screens for +10. In recent memory, Kenny Bell and Quincy Enunwa were both amazing blockers. There were plenty of times they'd spring Ameer, Rex or Helu for a big gainer.

I know Frost is trying to salvage the WR room and I'm hoping that besides some prima donna, would-be Randy Moss-types, we can also bring in some lunchpail guys who enjoy smacking around the defense.

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My buddy and I were texting during the game and both of us couldn't believe the gap that exists between those two teams and NU right now. Saban looked almost like he is bored with winning it all after the game. Sigh, we both agreed we would never see the mid 90's run we both got to enjoy, ever again. Oh well, GBR!

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I was shocked at the pass def for each team. Every completion by ohio st qb was contested..... every completion by alab qb was to a rec who had 4 yards of room in any direction....THAT was shocking