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Adrian Martinez


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Mods, I know he is with another team but I hope this can stay. I owe him an apology, rhe failure was not his fault. His signature win tonight against OU shows he could have been very very special at DONU but he couldn’t beat the coaching that hindered him. I am happy for him and I is the final proof of the fraud that was Scott Frost.


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He didn’t want to win here with the mistakes he was making.

I'm glad he's gone, we will be better.

Means just that. If he wanted to win he wouldn’t of been turning the ball over.

No more polluting than saying am was a great qb and never lost any games. It’s hard to stomach people saying how great he was. If only he had half the turnovers we wouldn’t have as many losses.

As we get the point that you think am was all that. Yet here we are. You could of just kept scrolling but didn’t. At the end of the day tired of hearing how grate am is just about as much as you are tired of hearing how he isn’t that good.

Adrian just wanted to be closer to his GF....He wont win at KSU no matter.
This was fun reading and bringing them up from this summer. I’m bored so I’ll go find some gems from last year as well


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He is absolutely spot on with the culture statement.

But, I'm sure that doesn't help with current commits and potential future recruits.

I have to believe they also heard the comments and took note.

The hole just keeps getting deeper.

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