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Adios Maurice


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While I don't like either of the things he did, not sure either one on their own warrants getting kicked to the curb, but when you have your manhood dangling out their ready to be chopped off you don't do something stupid again while you are waiting for punishment from the first one.

I will admit I don't know the whole story maybe he was an innocent bystander (cough, cough) but if he is truly this stupid he needs to go bye bye sooner rather than later.


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Echo the same sentiments as expressed above.

Possession of drug paraphernalia -- not a huge deal -- normally. But when you're still on trial for another crime, you have no free passes available. He's completely lost the trust of everyone who believes he could find the straight and narrow path. Keeping him on the team now sends a really bad message.

There is no doubt Mo must go.


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In a vacuum I wouldn't get too twisted up over this, I'd put this on about the same level as a player getting cited for drunkenness or a bar fight. Sit him a game, make him run some steps.

But good grief, if anyone should be walking the straight and narrow right now.
When you have a pending child porn case against ya... that ain’t in a vacuum.