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Academic Shenanigans involving Auburn RB


15 Year Member
Why is it when something like this happens an SEC team is always involved?

Auburn freshman RB Javon Robinson is being held out of practice while the NCAA reviews his HS transcripts. Apparently the NCAA called the Memphis City School district with questions about Robinson's transcripts. The superintendent of the district immediately ordered an investigation. The investigation led to a guidance counselor admitting to falsifying Robinson's transcripts. Robinson was the 12th ranked RB prospect in the country last year.

Robinson IMO probably is declared academically ineligible and has to go JUCO. It'll be interesting to see whether the NCAA will declare Robinson permanently ineligible. Unless they find that Robinson knew about the fraud I hope they don't do that to the kid.



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Can't believe I'd be taking Auburn's side in this, but if a high school official wants to manipulate the records of a student, it can be done.