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A&M four way cross

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Was lucky enough to see them at the 1989 Kickoff Classic. They are absolutely incredible. Best marching band out there. Period


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Never played an instrument and I've never been real big on the marching bands... but with that I can also appreciate tremendous cadence and execution. That was nothing short of spectacular considering how much they're paid to practice all those thousands of hours in early morning routines, their leader demanded excellence. Thanks for posting this.


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Also liked watching USC back in the day and love me some drum and bugle corps California Blue Devils to be specific


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I have been lucky enough to see them in person twice at their stadium when we were still in the Big 12. They are most definitely the best college band I have ever seen and I love the Aggie War Hymn which is the latter part of their performance with the big T and the A and M in formation.
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