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A future Husker in the Max family


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Our daughter presented Donna and I with a grandson on Cinco de Mayo. Very happy to welcome future Husker Benjamin David Max Pappas. Mother and baby got home yesterday and are doing fine.

More pictures on Crystal's Facebook page.


Congrats Gramps! ;)

hope we're his current leader - doubt we've offered (gotta see him throw first) - I'm gonna go ahead & mark him down as a Husker lean & perhaps a crystal ball prediction for the class of 2038
:heisman:... #GBR!! :Ironn:

Can he complete a swing pass to a running back or wide receiver screen? Just asking for a friend.

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Congrats Max and family on a newest member of the crawl on program. We look forward to him joining the walk on program and then getting a full ride scholarship.

Just think if he would have been a twin
Your daughter could have showed you the Benjamin’s
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