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Tom Osborne
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I'm not sure it is good form for the followers of an institution that has been in a conference less than one year to be bitching about the traditions and mindset of the conference that have been in place for multiple generations.

It is like asking to be invited to someone's house for Thanksgiving dinner, being invited to join the family of three generations of grandparents, parents and children, then once there telling them when and what to eat.

Times change. And the Big 10 needs to change with the times. They will be able to arrange a situation where they still get the Rose Bowl when one of the top 4 isn't a Big 10 team. But holding everything up for the years where they do have a playoff participant is idiotic. A willingness to crap on a possible playoff over it is a mindset that I hope Nebraska never buys into...that the ROSE BOWL is the ultimate goal. A national title is the ultimate goal. Maybe NU never gets back to that goal...but it definitely should be the goal.

THIS is a mindset I never want to see at NU:

Too many times last season, us Big Ten rookies couldn't fathom how title-contending teams could lose a meaningful game and show so little remorse or emotion.

Two that come immediately to mind were Michigan State at Nebraska and Michigan at Iowa. The reaction seemed to be “ho hum, we can still win the division and get the Rose Bowl.”


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Oh, I believe they did and it was a good move for the school. And traditions are fine, but championships are better.
Traditions are there every year, every game, every day. Championships are there ... in previous centuries. ;)

Seriously, the Big Ten is right to fight for its traditions. The national championships will take care of themselves. Some of you are so black and white that you can't see that the Big Ten is trying to and likely will get a win/win here. They fight for their traditions now and they will still get an equal shot at the championships. The NCAA will never leave them out. Never.

And they sure as heck don't need a bunch of newbies from Nebraska telling them they need to change. This ain't their first rodeo. Sheeze. :)
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