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He's so happy where he's at that he actually pays to be a member of a Husker fan board just to be able to tell us that... that's a dedicated Sooner fan.
It’s been free since I hit 15 years. If Max is charging you then you might want to check on that. :Rockon:
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Thanks! I keep waiting for Nebraska to turn it around. It’s going to happen so keep the faith.
Your okay! I have Oklahoma blood in me having gone K-5 and my older brothers and sisters went to OU and OSU. Second oldest sister got a 4.0 both undergrad and grad school in Stillwater. Both really really good schools. Oh and I loved the Bedlam Series in Wrestling every year. Two of the very best in the country year in and year out

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We’re doing fine with our 13 conference championships since 2000. Every game is on TV. I get all the Sooner sports I need on Fox Sports Southwest and even though we’ve stunk it up in the playoffs if you don’t get there you can’t win it. :Cheers:
Not true entirely. You had to pay for Missouri State, as it was only on pay per view. OU has a pay per view game every year.


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When I was a kid, I hated Oklahoma

I still have those bumper stickers from the 80s
"Better Dead Than Sooner Red"
"If I Owned Oklahoma and Hell, I'd Rent Out Oklahoma and Live in Hell"
"Will Rogers Never Met Barry Switzer"

Nowadays, and for many, many years actually, I'd have to say that Oklahoma is my number two team

Nothing but good memories now of our one, true rival and the greatest annual matchup in all of college football

Heck, even ol' Barry has become sort of like a favorite uncle to Husker fans...