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5 game times have been set


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Iowa game on BTN!!

Is it still possible for Fox Sports to pick that up, or is that locked in? It's highly possible that that game will determine who wins the B1G West, and there's a decent chance that Iowa and Nebraska will be the top two teams, and there's even a long-shot possibility--Iowa would have to beat Michigan and Penn State, and Nebraska would have to beat OSU--that those could be clearly the top two teams in the conference at that point in the season. More than complaining or wildly speculating (like I just did), I'm just curious how they handle situations where what seemed like the headliner game in May suddenly is a dud in October, but another jewel has popped up.

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Who is typically the PBP announcer for the 11am ESPN game now? It used to be Beth Mowins, and I couldn't stand listening to her because her voice sounds like Rocky the Flying Squirrel from the old Bullwinkle cartoon show.


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How is the channel it is show on the gingers fault. Yes he is to blame for shifting the black Friday game from Iowa to Minny but the channel is hardly his doing.

Eichorst--->Riley------>crappy football------>lack of national respect------>BTN for what might be a conference deciding game.