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4 Star WR Demariyon Houston Will Announce His School On NSD At 10AM


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For comparison, the Nebraska state High School record for the 100m is 10.41 and for the 200m is 21.21.

So yes. D. Houston is FAST.

Hope he's N by the end of the day on Wednesday.


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If the title above is right, he is the fastest man alive. 10.71 in the 200M is damn near cheetah speed lol.



The future starts now.
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That would be 42 mph on the top end. Randy Moss and Deion Sanders couldn't hold his jock strap lol

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According to the thread title, he is the fastest man in world history. :D I really hope we signs with the Huskers. He would be very hard to cover and even more difficult to catch. :thumbsup: