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4 Star WR Demariyon Houston is N


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We pulled two highly rated WRs out of Oklahoma, though I don't think the Sooners made a serious run at either one of them. OU must be recruiting in a differen stratosphere if they can overlook in-state 4* players like this.

Let's hope Nance and Houston both help contribute to a few wins over OU in the coming years!
I think they are looking for more prototypical NFL WR. However the grass is always greener.

Pop Corn

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How about at that 2:34 mark where they run the fake extra point to go for 2, up 53-0 :Mfclap:
The way it looks to me is that he fumbled the snap and made the best of a bad situation --- don't think it was a designed fake EP. He does show a lot of ability to successfully complete that play though.