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4 Star Safety Noa Pola-Gates is N (Signed LOI in December Officially Announced by NU tonight)


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I think the "strain" should be left in the bathroom where it belongs. That is what I think of Diaco. I still think he needs to pay us back for that year of embarrassing defense!
Valsalva manuever. Diaco special I’m sure.


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Several people on this board are already writing Bookie off lol. He's gonna make a lot of people eat some crow.
You know what sucks for me? I have a blackshirts hat that Bookie signed at the Spring game the day after he released his commitment video. I obviously don't take it personally but do regret that decision as an adult wanting a HS players autograph. I was in line and a lot of kids had shirts and hats signed by him. Makes me wonder how many of those have been donated/burned. I'll keep mine and maybe sell it one day when he is a stud in the NFL. :) LOL