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4 Star RB Ronald Thompkins ll is 'N' Update: Has Qualified Will Be On Campus Tomorrow

As a novice in this, I can't judge film too well (what I saw looked great to me). But, his offer sheet is remarkable - so those in the know are obviously impressed. Is anyone else surprised that we have 3 RBs in the class? Is this to be expected given Frost's offensive scheme where backs can be split out?


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Ryan Held is in Beastmode as a recruiter!

2018 rb's Maurice Washington, Greg Bell, Miles Jones
2109 rb's Ronald Tompkins, Rhamir Johnson, Thomas Grayson
Last three games last season
Vs Minnesota 69 yds rushing
Vs Penn State 69 yds rushing
Vs. Iowa. 67 yds rushing
Think that may change next season???
Two top backs last season were recruited by Bo Pelini