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4-Star QB Luke McCaffrey is N (from Valor Christian, CO)


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So you are saying he rush 4 times for 9 yards??? Outrageous!
Remember if he was sacked those count as rushes and contribute negative yards to the pot. A kid as talented as he is may have had a bad sack or two where he tried to run his way out and lost a lot of yardage on a play or two.


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Let's face it, AM is playing like a 5*+ Dual Threat.
At best LM will play backup to AM for 2 years assuming he Red-Shirts given what we have see from AM so far.
Unless AM loses some of his magic or leaves early, LM will see the field for 2 years when AM is injured or mop-up duty.
I would be amazed to see him beat out AM, but maybe I would not say that if I saw any of his Valor games. Could have, but did not.
thinking more along the lines of catching, running, throwing receiver/back. qb if needed


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You still have to have a competent back-up. At some point you WILL need him.
It'll be interesting to see what we do with him next year. If the coaches are comfortable with Vedral as #2, I'd expect to see him at receiver as we need some guys there.

What we've seen so far would lead me to believe LM will be the #2 QB and I don't know if you can get him enough reps to adequately prepared him to be the #2 QB and in the receiver rotation.


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Valor makes it to the CO state championship game with their 31 - 29 win today. McCaffrey's stats weren't great, but the weather was terrible this afternoon. Started out beautiful, but as CO often does, it changed rapidly with diving temps, winds above 30 mph and some rain.


Luke McCaffrey completed seven of 16 passes for 92 yards and two touchdowns and churned out nine mostly by-design rushes for an additional 77 yards, including a 45-yard touchdown scamper in which he dodged four defenders to put Valor up, 28-16, with 3:19 left in the third.

The University of Nebraska-bound Luke McCaffrey flashed athleticism and pocket awareness while distributing the ball to a throng of skill-position players. The Eagles complemented their aerial attack with a healthy gameplan on the ground, which narrowly outlasted a Grandview team that is primarily built on its run game.

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McCaffrey is headed to Nebraska, while Padilla is on to Iowa. Though positional changes could dictate whether these two are ever under center against each other again, it could be a one-on-one match-up worth following. Both made their commitments within a week of each other in January, and they’ve been playing against each other since second grade.
Must be a typo, they committed in June, not January.