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4-Star QB Luke McCaffrey is N (from Valor Christian, CO)


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I love this guy's skill set. He is so perfect for Scott Frost.

He isn't rated tremendously high by the services and I understand that. He has been waiting his turn behind other guys and will only be a full-time starter this year. But you look at his skill set and this is a perfect example of a time to look a little deeper than just his rating.

The guy has NFL genes, has played multiple positions, and has shown patience in waiting his turn. Love all those qualities in addition to his arm and foot talent.

Great get!

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Where would you put him on your preference list? I personally liked Johnson and Plumlee more. This kids a very good looking prospect with great bloodlines, don't get me wrong, just wondering what you thought.
I think this young man will do just fine - and I trust Verduzgo to know that the kid has potential.

What are the chances we would take 2 QBs in this class?