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4 star OL Turner Corcoran is N ( 4-Star/#55 Ranked (Composite) in the country) Update: Now #31


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You know the saying "Don't count your chickens before they're hatched?" Well, let me grow some horeseradish and see how it turns out before I get anyone's hopes up as far as what it will be like. I was given a horseradish plant late last summer, so I planted it, and instead of harvesting it, I split the root 5 ways to plant 5 new ones for this year. They're growing and looking healthy, but it's still all questions and no answers.

If it turns out okay, we'll figure out a way to get you some.
My dad transplanted some horseradish when I was young and I seem to remember that he let it re-establish itself for a year or two before he harvested any. It has been a long time since then so my memory might be a little fuzzy and he may have just been extra cautious with it also.