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4 Star JUCO RB Dedrick Mills is N; Update: Will Be On Campus Wednesday 22 May


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Glad to hear that Mills has been admitted and can get here for summer workouts and conditioning. Big addition for the offense, especially with the RB situation a bit unsettled right now.


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This is big for the offense. He will help us immensely on third and short which was a problem last year. He will bring a power aspect to the run game that will keep offenses honest so that our passing game has more space. His arrival at RB and the additional depth at WR created by the transfer Noa may be the two best things that happened to the offense during the off season. We need to keep Martinez armed with weapons at the skill positions.


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He is in the UNL directory. Looks pretty official to me.

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I think that means he's accepted, but we've seen other prospects in the directory not make it to the team. This is a good step though. The other student I know that was accepted for fall is in the directory, even though that student is not attending UNL. FWIW, Jervay Green (BBall JUCO transfer) is not in the directory yet.


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I'm gonna go ahead and hold off on any forms of excitement about this until I see he retains eligibility, doesn't get injured in fall camp, competes and wins the starting job. Also gonna go ahead and wait till he doesn't fumble and has a 3 touchdown game against an opponent I deem worthy.

Just don't want to be like some of you Kool-aid drinkers and get all excited about a tweet.


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