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4 Star JUCO RB Dedrick Mills is N; Update: Will Be On Campus Wednesday 22 May

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In light of Mo Barry’s heartfelt comments, once it is confirmed that Dedrick Mills is on campus Monday morning, there needs to be a “Dedrick Mills I’m proud of you” thread. Let’s welcome this young man in the best way and congratulate him for all the hard work he did, that extra effort, and show this man some Old School Husker love and let him know how much the fans appreciate him.

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Posted on the FB board. He got the grades and will be here next week. GBR!

No he has not been officially cleared yet. Its looking good according to the LJS and OWH but nothing concrete yet. Could know as early as Monday


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So his admission is "imminent" and he "should be" admitted per the above the tweets. None of these are saying he is 100% positively admitted yet.